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Voice and Data Convergence


The term Convergence, also known as multi-service networking, refers to the integration of data, voice and video solutions onto a single (IP based) network. Traditionally, voice traffic has been carried on circuit switched networks or networks made up of private lines and time division multiplexers. Digital Image designs networks that provide our clients with a powerful multi-service solution that in compresses a my rid of technologies. These multi-service or converged networks are often times deployed to support data and IP telephony as the initial convergence to increase productivity and save costs through management of one communications source.

A unified, IP-based network that integrates voice, video and data opens the door to an incredible wealth of applications that will make people more productive and businesses more competitive – all by increasing efficiency, saving time, and greatly reducing costs. From desktop IP telephony to customer care applications, contact centers to unified messaging, video conferencing to video on demand for the desktop and more – applications that haven’t even been thought of yet – the multi-service network will make a major impact on the global business arena.



New applications, lower cost of ownership, higher productivity, personalized user and client experiences, better availability and adaptability and a single point of management and administration – these are just a few of the business benefits of the IP-based multi-services network.


Voice and Data Convergence over Fiber


Connect to remote offices over fiber, using a single box for both your voice and data needs. Reduce capital and operational expenditures by transporting your voice and data together.

Sample Application




Voice and Data Convergence over IP

Converge voice and data traffic over your IP infrastructure, for an easy to manage and low-cost solution. Unique TDMoIP technology preserves investment in legacy equipment and maintains quality of voice.

Sample Application:


Our team has the skills required for:
  • VOIP viability analysis
  • Converged network design for both the WAN and LAN
  • Network Readiness Assessments
  • Next generation Voice application assessment and deployment

Wireless - WIFI
With the growing trend in today's workplace for mobility with network connectivity, wireless data communication has become an essential component in the enterprise. Wireless communication offers full access to the network, allowing users to roam freely through buildings or entire campuses while remaining connected to the network.

Digital Image is focused on researching and testing the latest developments in the area of Wireless Communications  We bringing those products and  solutions to our clients. We work with our customers during the network design phase to provide the an  effective Wireless solution.



Digital Image can deliver best of class products and quality of service network knowledge; whether it is a wireless, wired, or hybrid solution, we have the expertise to offer the most cost effective design, implementation and support services for your network.


Digital Image offers:

  • Wireless LANs (In-building/Campus Environments)
  • Wireless WANs (Building-to-Building Backbones)
  • Wireless Network Design Wireless Consulting Product Comparison
  • RF, Optical Laser, Satellite, Wireless VoIP
Wireless LANs

Wireless Networks (In-building/Campus Environments), as its name suggests, Wireless Networks are Wireless LANs that consist of an Access Point and  Devices to send and receive data over a network. Each Access Point has a 10/100 port, which is normally connected to a switch or hub with a Cat 5 cable drop. The Access Point transmits data in RF form to Client Devices via a Wireless PC Cards, USB adapters or other wireless enabled client devices.


By using RF technology to rapidly send and receive data over the airwaves, Wireless LAN products enable portable and mobile PC users to seamlessly access a network from anywhere within a building or campus. Each user can roam freely and still be fully connected to all the resources of a wired network. These wireless users enjoy network connectivity with the real-time speed and response that users have come to expect from wired LANs.


Wireless LAN products are used with portable computer systems such as laptops, notebooks, netbooks, pen-based and hand-held terminals in a wide range of mobile workforce applications-including on-demand data collection, transaction processing and inventory management as well as supporting Internet access and e-mail, file and print servers.


Today the desire for real-time data collection has spread beyond warehouse environments-early implementers of these types of products-into general offices, branch offices, company headquarters and even to plant manufacturing and shop floors. The mobility and portability of Wireless LAN products has spurred a wide array of implementations among many vertical markets-including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, hotels, auto dealerships, and man.


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